Google 'Search Stories'

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While working on my Warhorse Fillmaker program I got a curious email from Google asking what I was up to. After hoping on the phone and telling them about the class and my students they asked if they could come down and making a video about the class for their 'Google Search Story' campaign.

Of all the stories I tell from the class the one that always sticks out is about Trey and the 5D guide he created to teach to the class. Even over a year later everytime I teach a course on shooting video with DSLRs I always use this guide, telling participants that if a 14 year old can figure it out then you can too.

I still get emotional watching the piece even a year later. They did a great job capturing the spirit of Trey and the entire class. In less than a week online it already had 400,000 views on YouTube. As of July it has over 1.8 Million.

The goal of the class was to give them a taste of success and hard work so they would know what to strive towards. I'm so happy we have this piece to remember the experience.

To check out Andrew & Trey: A Helpful Guide, visit the SearchStories channel on