We were honored enough to have American Cinematographer write up our GE WORKS 'JUICE TRAIN' commercial.

  • WILLISTON HERALD 'NY Film Crew Looks for Community'

    While visiting the Bakken oil region for a commercial, I was greatly inspired by the area and it's people.

  • Weather Channel 'Your Weather Today'

    Steve Duncan and I were invited onto The Weather Channel's 'Your Weather Today' to talk about Undercity: Las Vegas. Check out the interview below:

  • Google 'Search Stories'

    While working on my Warhorse Fillmaker program I got a curious email from Google asking what I was up to.

  • TODAY 'Inside the Underbelly'

    Steve and I were featured on the TODAY show speaking about our experience making Undercity. After all of our viral success it was an experience to share the film and our story on television.

  • Zacuto 'Featured Filmmaker'

    I was honored by Zacuto to become on of their featured filmmakers. Their indepth interview covers my background, films and transitioning between Undercity and my Warhorse Filmmaker program.

  • Young Creative Council 'Weekly Score'

    After Undercity premiered online I was invited by my reps at Crossroads UK to come across the pond and screen the film at Southwark Playhouse.

  • ABC 'Person of the Week'

    Moving down to North Carolina for my Warhorse Filmmaker program I was very excited to become part of the school and part of the community.

  • SHOTS 'A New York Wonder'

    I was fortunite enough to be interviewed by Shots Magazine about Undercity for their website.


    Creativity Online featured my signing with Crossroads Films!


    NBC News reporter Pei-Sze Cheng interviews me about creating Undercity.  

  • Documentary Tech 'An Interview'

    Kurt Lancaster, who literally wrote the