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After many conversations and some international shipping I received my rehoused WONDERSCOPE 1.5X Anamorphic lens in the mail today.

My 'WONDERSCOPE 1.5x ANAMORPHIC LENS TEST' from the WONDERBLOG VIMEO CHANNEL. This test stars Nora De as I test the lens on my 5D3

I bought an Iscorama 36 several years back when you could get them for less than $1500. After seeing some tests online I got very excited about shooting anamorphic on my 5D but when I put the lens on my camera I was greatly disapointed. WIth a close focus of only 6' it was no good for my in your face wide angled style of shooting and the lenses poor connection with it's built in taking lens caused the anamorphic adapter to dismount each time I tried to pull focus. I'm not a fan of tripod or static shooting so the lens has been collecting dust in my closet for the past few years.

My original Canon 5dmkii Anamorphic Test (before rehousing) on Vimeo.

Since Undercity came out one of my favorite DSLR websites has been Andrew Reid's EOSHD.com. His passion for anamorphic photography combined with his no hold barred reviews have always been an inspiration. I would keep seeing his work and reviews (I have even bought his anamorphic guide a few times) and hoped there was someway to make my isco 36 work with my style of shooting. After reading his article about the RedStan's rehoused anamorphics (check it out here) my hope was rekindled. I did some hunting online and figured out that Christopher Smith and the team at Van Diemen had put the lenses together for RedStan (I recognized the design patten from some phenominal rehoused Leica lenses of theres that I had used a few years ago).

My WONDERSCOPE Anamorphic on Michael Bay the 5D Mark 3

After some back and forth we settled on a design and some serious cash and a few months later I have a production ready version of an Iscorama. The best part of this modified adaptor is that it will fit directly onto 52mm or 58mm lenses without an adaptor and the close focus was shortened to 3'10".

I waited by the door for DHL all day and put the lens on my 5D3 as soon as I could rip it out of the box. I attached it onto my 40mm Ultron lens which was a perfect combination (note on the test the lovely red circles it adds to the flares) but the 40mm vignettes on the full frame sensor on the 5D3 (which Andrew warns you in his well worth the $20 anamorphic shooters guide). Tomorrow I'm going to buy a Nikon 50mm f/1.2 from Adorama or B&H (haven't decided yet) and see if it does better with my 5D or the 1DX I'm about to start testing.

I hope you guys enjoy the test. I still can't tell if it's worthwhile to produce more. If I could only get the thing down to 2.5 or 3' without using a diopter I'd make a dozen in a second. I look forward to your comments and what other tests you'd like to see.

My latest GE commercial where we shot a trains POV in slow motion using anamorphic lenses

Using the research I did to get this lens modified and Andrew Reid's guide I also shot my most recent GE commercial using Joe Dutton 2x Anamorphic Lenses (the same lenses used on George Washington) on a Sony F3 to get an EPIC 3.55:1 aspect ratio as the Tropica Juice train travels up the coast from Florida to deliver NYC's organge juice. We shot the whole spot at 1080p/60p using a Cinedeck MX ramping from timelapse speed to 300 slowmotion. Enjoy!