NAB2013 - Blackmagic Cinema 4K & Pocket Cinema Camera

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NAB2013 - BLACKMAGIC 4K & POCKET CAMERA from Production Meeting on Vimeo.

When I was asked by to come to NAB and create video content I was determined to do something I had never seen before from the show. Like many of you out there, NAB is a distant dream with lots of video coverage that doesn't quite really get you inside the products. My goal was to take the basic premise of a trade show video (interview / b roll) and make something that was more immersize and put you deeper into the head of the people behind these companies.

Blackmagic took NAB by storm Sunday night when it slipped to attendees (and then the internet) that they would be showing a new generation of cinema cameras. As one booth goer I met said "they made cameras I didn't even know I wanted." Like many successful companies have done before, Blackmagic is pushing limits in terms of technologies, features and price, not giving us the products we want but the ones we didn't know we needed.

I was able to sit down with Blackmagic President Dan May to get an exclusive interview about the history behind showing new cameras so soon, the impact of last years annoucement and an inside the companies view of the 1st BMCC's delays this year. On the booth floor our cameras take you through the new camera trying to give you an more experiential view of what it's like to be around them and what's in store when the camera ships in July.

It's yet to be seen how these new camera really stack up but their price point, size and feature set really capture your imagination when you're in front of them. Like many, I have been dying to revive old S16 glass (start buying now!). When I first heard the annoucement I was hooked but completely blow away when I saw the size of the pocket camera. I was also impressed with the quality of the 4K image created from shooting their sets.

For those who can't be here, I hope these videos help give you better insight into what Blackmagic has cooking. Other videos this week will feature Zeiss, Litepanels, Teradek and Abel Cine Tech among others.