NAB 2013 'Portraits'

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NAB2013 - BLACKMAGIC 4K & POCKET CAMERA from Production Meeting on Vimeo.

Like many of you, I’ve always seen NAB from afar, refreshing my browser every few minutes, waiting for another video or tweet to give me something to drool over. Each year, waiting on the outskirts, I hope for a new insight. A taste or something new. Sadly, for the most part I end up with a bunch of different versions of the same press release.

I didn’t quite understand what this was until I saw NAB for myself. Calling it a zoo would be a huge understatement. It takes you 45 minutes to barely walk across each hall (without visiting a single booth). There are more booths than you could ever dream of visiting, much less cover. I sympathize with everyone trying to write or make videos about NAB—it’s not only exhausting but also nearly impossible to put them out at the insatiable pace online audiences desire. NAB 2013 Super Team (Left to Right): Soren Nielsen, Greggor Jones, Luke Taylor, Ethan Sigman, Me

When asked if I wanted to go out to NAB this year to make videos I jumped at the opportunity. I also requested the ability to try a new type of booth video. My hope was to find a way to connect audiences with the people who run and create these companies while also giving them the feeling of actually being around the gear.

While picking the companies to feature in these video portraits, I was looking for brands that were dealing with disruptive technologies. Whether they were a new company changing the playing field or an old one working to stay ahead, I not only wanted to find out about gear but also to answer the questions I’ve always had as a viewer at home.

Whether talking to Blackmagic President Dan May about shipping delays or Zeiss’ Richard Schleuning about the growing popularity of older glass, I hope these videos help you better understand the technology and that they give you a strong sense of how each company impacts the playing field.

Like any film, this would be nothing without an amazing team. I am beyond grateful to Soren Nielsen and Luke Taylor of BitLux for coming out and helping me shoot and edit these videos. We were also lucky to have the guidance of NAB veterans and filmmakers Ethan Sigman and Greggor Jones to keep us on track throughout the process. More special thanks goes out to editor Justin Sharp, who came in to put everything together.

A good film is nothing without great music, and without the help of Daniel and Rachel at I'm scared to think of how the films would have turned out. If you haven't tried their site, the interface is even more intuitive than Shane Hulbut lead me to believe.

NAB 2013 - ZEISS 'LIFE OF A LENS' from Production Meeting on Vimeo.

NAB2013 - HIVE LIGHTING from Production Meeting on Vimeo.

NAB 2013 - ZACUTO from Production Meeting on Vimeo.

NAB 2013 - TERADEK from Production Meeting on Vimeo.

NAB2013 - ZAXCOM from Production Meeting on Vimeo.

NAB2013 - LITEPANELS from Production Meeting on Vimeo.