Edelkrone SliderPlus+ In Action

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Yesterday I came home to discover a beautiful apple-esq white box waiting for me with my brand new Edelkrone SliderPlus+. It was a busy day but I couldn't resist taking it out for a spin (or slide?). I've been impulsively looking for reviews of it online with no luck so we shot a quick video to satiate your appitite for SliderPlus+ news.

WONDERBLOG 'SLIDERPLUS+ IN ACTION' from Andrew Wonder on Vimeo.

Our setup was a lightweight Manfrotto 755CX3 Carbon Fiber Legs going directly into the bottom of the SliderPlus+. I put a 701HDV head on top with a 5D3 (w/40mm prime) for the test.

My initial thoughts are:

--It seems just as smooth as any other slider I've used. Even my much more cumbersome Kessler Stealth.

--I cannot believe how small it is in real life. I didn't believe the "fit in your backpack" marketing line but it's true. It will fit nicely in a Pelican 1510 case. Finally a slider you can actually bring everywhere with you. No more ski pole case and extra tripod bag.

--Watching it slide is pretty trippy. It must be the equivalent to people seeing a Ferris Wheel for the first time and thinking wind would tip it over. If you plan on using this for interview shots I think you are going to have some distracted talent for your first few slides. That being said, the sliding movement is amazing. Being able to actually slide forward and backwards is a dream come true. The small profile is really nice.

--In my opinion this is the first true portable slider. I really want to love my Kessler Stealth (especially for triple the money) but even though it's a bit lighter it's really no easier to move around than a 5' Cineslider. It still requires two tripods and two guys to really make it work. Using the drag control you can lock your camera center and lift it/move it so easily it's amazing. My ideal world would be to have a larger heavy duty Kessler Cinesilder for long/big setup moves then be packing a SliderPlus+ for everything else.

--I did not feel as limited by the range as I thought. This is also the first slider that I could actually use a tripod head while moving the camera. Linear slider moves are so 2012 and being able to easily add smooth pan/tilts and forward/back moves (like on a short doorway dolly) really elevates this and allows you to get shots that I previously haven't been able to achieve with a slider without a remote head.

--I would love to add some Kessler Qwik Release plates to the system. One under the slider connecting to the tripod and another for the camera would make this an even better kit for quick builds and dismantles.

--So far weight wise it seems to like whatever the 701 likes. 5D3 and 1DX were no problem. Didn't test with anything heavier.

There are a few cons I noticed:

--The drag control seems relatively useless. I could only get no drag or lock down to work. Am I doing something wrong?

--Edelkrone's site mentions you have to have your tripod legs 80cm apart and they are not kidding. When I put the tripod at it's baselevel it kept falling over. If you want to do low shots you have to find a tripod with a wide base. I am going to try spreading out the legs of the manfrotto more and see if that helps.

--Like I mention above because of the tripod base, ground shots are going to be really difficult. Doe anyone have a suggestion for a high hat solution that might work? Seems like there has to be a solution for getting this guy low.

In short I love this piece of gear not in the "I have something new/first" way (excuse me C300 or 1DC...) but because it's truly an inventive and ingenious design that elevates the roll of the slider in my productions. For so long we've just been seeing Kessler sliders (or people trying to make Kessler sliders) and it's great to have a new tool that opens up a lot of creative possibilities.

I'm going to try to bring it out on set and we will shoot another video showing how it does in action and expand this review. In the meantime, who wants to buy a Kessler Stealth for cheap?